SEIU Exposed

Crime and Corruption

SEIU members in Los Angeles were victimized by one of the most appalling cases of union corruption in recent history.

Members saw their money illegally used to support the city council race of Martin Ludlow. Ludlow was sentenced for conspiracy to illegally funnel money from SEIU Local 99 to his campaign and ordered to pay $36,000 in restitution.

  • Four of the last eight Teamsters union presidents have been criminally indicted
  • UNITE HERE has been found guilty of invading employees’ privacy and ordered to pay $17 million for defaming medical professionals, and it has been sued by its own employees after the union slashed their staff’s key retirement benefit by 95%

In the same scandal, former SEIU head Janett Humprhies collaborated with Ludlow to use union funds to pay the salaries of six union employees working on his campaign. One of Humphries’ lawyers said Ludlow and allies “were doing what unions do” and added, “The testimony has raised serious red flags about the integrity of union politics in Los Angeles.”

Other recent scandals include: