The Service Employees International Union is one of America’s largest labor unions. Behind their $260 million war chest lies a dedicated effort to restrict employees’ rights in the workplace; a highly partisan political operation; and a history of intimidation, crime and corruption.

“If we can’t use the power of persuasion, we’ll use the persuasion of power.”

Andy Stern, Former SEIU International President

  • SEIU Facts: Get the facts about SEIU’s $260 million war chest, dedicated to harassing businesses, electing friendly politicians, and paying SEIU leadership’s hefty salaries.
  • $50 Million in Fake “Worker Center” Strikes: SEIU and groups that succeeded the corrupt ACORN organization stage so-called “strikes” that involve few workers but lots of paid P.R. reps and professional protesters in a $50 million effort to force the unionization of restaurant employees.
  • Denying Employee Votes: Rather than following the democratic process of secret ballot votes on whether to unionize, SEIU pressures employers to cut backroom deals so it can use the intimidation-laced public “card check” unionization process.
  • Power Politics: The SEIU is a major funder of Democratic politicians and puts its purse behind efforts to force more people to pay dues to SEIU and fund its political program.
  • Supreme Court Strikedowns: The Supreme Court has struck down two SEIU schemes in the past few years, restoring employee rights that had been taken away by SEIU power plays in California and Illinois.
  • Terrible Tactics: As part of its anti-employee-rights “corporate campaign” strategy, SEIU organizers have allegedly engaged in despicable tactics including overrunning emergency rooms, sabotaging nursing home patient identification, and besieging businessmen’s children in their homes.
  • Crime and Corruption: SEIU officers have been charged with crimes or forced to resign union posts after thefts and other alleged crimes involving members’ money in union bank accounts.